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The Wide-Ranging Success of Aaron Spelling

Michael Bonislawski

Actor, emcee, and producer Michael Bonislawski has worked in the entertainment industry for 20 years. With experience in theater, film, and television, Michael Bonislawski has acted in shows produced by the late superstar TV producer Aaron Spelling.

Spelling Entertainment has gone by many names since Aaron Spelling began making TV shows in the 1960s. Spelling was responsible for a number of TV hits over several decades, including The Mod Squad in the 1960s, Charlie’s Angels and The Love Boat in the 1970s, and Dynasty in the 1980s.
In the late 1980s, Aaron Spelling Productions became Spelling Entertainment. The 1990s brought a new group of successful TV shows, including the iconic Beverly Hills 90210, which starred Spelling’s teenage daughter Tori Spelling. Melrose Place, Moesha, and Judge Judy were also Spelling Entertainment productions from the 1990s.
While the company went through many changes and eventually was bought by Viacom (later renamed CBS Corporation), Aaron Spelling never retired and continued producing TV shows until 2006, when he died at age 83.

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